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  • How changing my name strengthened my self-concept
    I have always defined myself heavily through my career. Through contributing to an organisation, a team and producing work I feel such a sense of accomplishment. There have been times I have doubted myself and my skills. And at some stages it has been … Read more
  • I work from home and am productive. What the?!?
    It's funny that right now I am writing this in a café. Me saying I mostly work from home is all lies! Total lies! Well, I mostly work from home. But with modern technology I am totally flexible and mobile which I appreciate. … Read more
  • It’s time to consider your Microsoft 365 2020 goals
    It's a new year and time to reflect on what you achieved so far with your platform and usage. What are the obstacles to overcome? Take the time to plan what is possible or required to really value Microsoft 365 across your organisation. … Read more
  • I am a fellow autistic female and these are my thoughts on Greta Thunberg
    There has been so much negative commentary and attention on Greta Thunberg. As a female autistic person I have been quite shocked at times at what I have observed in the news and social media.What has stood out to me is the reaction … Read more