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  • Why I choose to be open about my autism
    April is Autism Awareness month, and April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. To mark this important period, I wanted to share why I personally feel it is important to put myself out there and be open about my own Autism diagnosis, even… Read More Latest posts
  • Supporting technical change or challenges during a crisis
    For many of us, our jobs have had to make a dramatic shift of focus in the last 2 weeks alone. And I am not talking about having to suddenly work from home. What I am referring to is a shift of current… Read More Latest posts
  • Being a Woman in IT
    Being a woman in IT doesn’t necessarily mean you have technical skills. You don’t have to be a developer, write code, build intranets or know expert technical detail. I believe it means you work in the IT industry and spend days surrounded by… Read More Latest posts
  • How changing my name strengthened my self-concept
    I have always defined myself heavily through my career. Through contributing to an organisation, a team and producing work I feel such a sense of accomplishment. There have been times I have doubted myself and my skills. And at some stages it has been… Read More Latest posts